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RL Sales
Our server does not tolerate any type of advertisement for RL sales through in-game channels and our Discord. Parallel sales are not prohibited, but we are not involved in or responsible for any problems related to these transactions. Any problem is the sole responsibility of the parties involved.
Character announcements must be made exclusively through the bazaar system. Any character announcement outside this system will be considered an external sale. Therefore, if there is an infraction, the case will be treated as non-compliance with the server's rules, resulting in the banning of your account, according to the punishment table.
Punishment levels for ads may vary depending on the situation. This decision is exclusively made by the team member (GM, CM or GOD) responsible for processing the report. No ban revocations will be carried out by the team, as we follow a strict process to reach the ban decision.
1st Punishment Account banned for a period of 2 days .
2nd Punishment Account banned for a period of 15 days .
3rd Punishment Account permanently banned .


Parallel Tools (BOT)
The use of 100% AFK automations in server hunting locations is strictly prohibited. As soon as the team identifies that a player is using such tools and is not controlling the character, the appropriate punishments will be applied.
MC usage
We will also apply punishments for the use of multi clients in PVP situations, bosses, hunts, events or individual character mechanics . As mentioned in Server Rule 03 , the use of the multi client tool is permitted as long as it does not harm the gaming experience.
The items above expressly prohibit the use of automations that affect gameplay, such as: 100% AFK hunting, multi-clients and similar . However, players are allowed to use automations exclusively for training activities, such as exercise weapons, trainer booths, and training magic levels .
We only work with reports made within the game. Our verification is completely manual and carried out by all team members. Pre-ban visual content is recorded for internal team review purposes and will not be made available. Follow the punishments for BOT use in the bans section .
When a player is reported, they will be added to the team checklist and we will perform periodic checks. During the check, we will cast a set of random spells that will remove all monsters from the screen. Additionally, a team member can interact with your character. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation (which is easily noticeable) , simply cooperate during the check to confirm your presence and control over your character.
Punishment Account permanently banned .


General rules
Rule 01
Any player who has already been banned for any rule break cannot be offered for sale in the bazaar , this being a permanent and non-negotiable block.
Rule 02
Sharing and/or posting any parallel link within the server is completely prohibited, especially for advertising other servers.
Rule 03
The use of multi-clients is permitted within the server, as long as it does not interfere with its proper functioning and does not conflict with any other server rule.
Rule 04
There is no possibility of refunds on amounts already sent to the server. Once you agree to the rules at the time of donation, this amount is collected and allocated for maintenance and constant updating of the server.
Rule 05
Any and all offenses against staff will be punished whenever necessary. Every day we strive to bring the best possible to all of you. Respect is an essential pillar for the proper functioning and longevity of the server.
Rule 06
Any offensive nickname, which supports extremism or contains profanity or insults, will not be tolerated and will be removed without prior notice. If a player attempts to circumvent the naming rules to impersonate a member of the staff, they will be immediately punished at the team's discretion.
Rule 07
We will try to avoid as much involvement in conflict situations between players, such as KS or LURE , as strategy is part of the game. And we will also not intervene in routine discussions between players, as this is normal and difficult to control. However, we will not tolerate any type of prejudice, including attacks on any segment. There will be no excuses for situations like this, under the pretext of "it's just a game" , as this is not just a rule of the game, but a LAW . Any report made to the team on this matter will be investigated and, if there is an infraction, it will be punished without prior notice! We know that gambling can be stressful, but try to avoid these situations.
Rule 08
We do not tolerate any type of harassment, racism, homophobia or any extremism within the game. Once the situation has been analyzed by the report and any of the actions mentioned have been proven, the player will be punished without prior warning.
Rule 09
Any situation of disclosure of personal data of third parties, whether of players, family members or others, within the game is extremely prohibited and may be subject to account removal. In addition to Rule 07 on our server, this attitude also violates the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) , an important law that must be strictly complied with.
1st Punishment Account banned for a period of 2 days .
2nd Punishment Account banned for a period of 15 days .
3rd Punishment Account permanently banned .


In-game channels
Help Channel
The channel is exclusively intended for questions regarding our server. Therefore, use it only for this purpose, otherwise, the staff is advised to mute the player for a period they deem necessary.
Use this channel for any type of advertisement related to the server, be it the purchase/sale of equipment or houses, guild recruitment, live announcements. Be careful not to advertise RL sales as this will result in punishment.
Other Channels
There are no specific rules for using the other channels, we just ask that players do not violate any of the rules mentioned above and use common sense when using them.
General rule
Regardless of the text channel, we will not tolerate any type of speech or extreme attitude against the team and/or other players. The entire staff is advised to mute the player if necessary and, if necessary, report this situation so that stricter actions can be taken.


Bugs and reports
Bug Map
We have an experienced team working on the maps part of the server, which is taking the preservation of the map to greater similarity with the global map. However, if you find any bugs or discrepancies in the game locations, please send them to us via Discord so that we can fix them as quickly as possible.
Bug Abuse
Any type of bug, whether mild, moderate or severe , is extremely important for the team to correct. Therefore, we ask for your collaboration to act as quickly as possible in situations involving bugs. We will punish any player who gets involved in situations where, instead of reporting, the bug is abused.
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